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Today's car have changed so much over recent years, with the advent of car ECU's. The ECU takes control of all aspects of car management, from the maximum power and torque and engine delivers to it's economy and driveability.

Whilst the huge advances in technical management of the way your car drives have made it simpler for the consumer, it also means that remapping cars has become a far more complex task involving many tiny variables that can affect the way in which your car performs.

Thankfully, Drighlington Remap Centre are at the forefront of Engine Management or ECU remapping and offer a vast array of products that are designed to maximise performance and the economy of your vehicle in both stock and modified form.

Cars are usually manufactured with their ECU settings made to suit the highest point of stress tolerance, this means that they have very conservative settings for power delivery and quite often run the engine "rich" to deal with variances in climate and "worse case" conditions that your vehicle may encounter.

Because of these highly conservative settings, simple remapping or "Chipping" the ECU can deliver a good increase in engine performance and increase in fuel economy whilst still keeping your car well within the boundaries of safe operation.

We offer "remap" options for all makes and models and both petrol and diesel engines, with prices starting as low as £199 inc. of VAT what have you got to lose?

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